Thursday, March 26, 2009

April 2, 2009

Well, once again we're playing the waiting game. On April 2nd at 6:00PM CDT, I'll find out if I'm one of Tourism Queensland's top 10 finalists. Those 10 (plus Clare, the wildcard vote winner) will fly to Australia in May to interview for the job - quite an experience in and of itself.

A big "thank you" to everyone who voted me into 14th place! What an honor. We'll find out soon if Tourism Queensland thinks it was good enough.

Yesterday the Dallas Morning News ran an article (here) in the sports section. It was a bit late for votes, but still good press for the islands and lots of fun in general. The photo at right was featured in the print edition. It was taken at the 2007 U.S. Open Triathlon in Dallas, where Australian Greg Bennett won after an unbelievable performance. I finished far behind him, but it was still a great race.

Thanks again for the votes, kind words and support! I'm eagerly anticipating the results on Thursday, and I hope you are as well.



  1. Good luck Steven and hope you will get what you are dreaming of... to become the first islandcaretaker. Rey

  2. I wanted to say good luck, coming from Cheryl,Shannon and Audra's relative in Houston Texas. It was a good video they put together. :)